Top 10 reasons to inline skate

Tired of your usual running routine? Try inline skating instead. You may think it’s more of a children’s sport, but it’s actually one of the best forms of exercise for any age group. Read on to find out why inline skating should be part of your fitness plan.

Inline skating seldom comes up when you think of fitness activities. After all, it’s generally considered a fad more popular among screaming 12-year-olds than sensible adults. But inline skating not only helps you stay in shape, but offers a range of mental and social benefits as well. If the gym just isn’t doing it for you, here are ten good reasons to get into inline skating instead.

1. Burn more calories. Research has shown that inline skating burns up to 450 calories every half hour, whereas running and cycling spend only 350. Skating in an upright position burns off an extra 150 calories, bringing your total to 1,200 per hour! Try to alternate aggressive skating with easy cruising to maximize your workout.

2. Prevent injuries. Skating may be associated with bad falls and broken bones, but it’s actually much safer than cycling and running. According to studies, it places 50% less stress on the joints than other aggressive activities. Doctors even recommend it to patients recovering from injuries, who need low-impact exercise to restore their strength.

3. Improve your cardio. Inline skating brings your heart rate up to a very healthy 148 beats per minute, higher than the average cardio workout. So it’s really like combining cardio and strength training, with a bit of toning thrown in. It’s a full body workout that doesn’t feel like one!

4. Get fresh air. There’s nothing like the wind blowing on your face as you coast downhill on your inline skates. Outdoor exercise can keep you going longer than a session in your local gym or home treadmill. With inline skating, you get a healthy dose of fresh air along with your workout.

5. Feel better. Maybe it’s the adrenaline rush you get from moving at top speed, or simply knowing that you’re getting in shape and enjoying yourself. Studies show that inline skaters feel generally better, happier and healthier than regular joggers or cyclers. So if your usual routine leaves you tired and cranky, inline skating just might do the trick.

6. Anyone can do it. The biggest myth about inline skating is that it’s hard to learn. Actually, if you can walk for a good distance without losing your balance, you can learn to inline skate in no time. Some coordination is needed, of course, but like cycling, once you learn it, you’ll never forget.

7. Save on gas. Instead of driving to your errands, why not skate to your destination instead? Not only is it healthier, it also saves you money on gas, not to mention reduce your carbon footprint. In an age where energy saving is a growing concern, little changes like that can make a big difference.

8. It’s cheap. Rather than paying for an overpriced gym membership, just grab a pair of inline skates and hit the streets. A good pair of skates can last several years, while gym memberships are only good for the amount you pay. Look for inline skates with a high-impact body and durable wheels (preferably polyurethane) to ensure quality.

9. You set your goals. In a gym or fitness program, you work at a set pace and feel pressured to reach specific goals. But with inline skating, you can exercise as slowly or aggressively as you want.  There’s no need to meet standards set by your trainer or program—you work at the pace you feel most comfortable with.

10. Make friends. Inline skating is growing in popularity throughout the country. There are an average of 1,000 skaters in every state, most of them beginners or amateurs like you. So whether you’re a first-time skater or a professional, you’re sure to find someone who shares the same interest.

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