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  • Spinning Classes: Are they right for you? So you’ve heard about spinning classes and why they’re such a good workout. But if you think it’s a surefire way to lose weight, think again. Just like running and cycling, it has its own pros and cons. Here are some things to consider before joining a spinning class.
  • Inline Skating for Fitness Inline skating is quickly gaining popularity as the new hip way to stay in shape. It provides low-impact but high-intensirty exercise, making it perfect for beginners, the elderly, and those who are recovering from injury. Here are six useful tips to help you get started in inline skating.
  • Snowboarding Basics Snowboarding is fast becoming the sport of choice for winter travelers. Combining the elements of surfing, skateboarding and skiing, it makes a fun family activity as well as a great way to stay in shape. If you’re planning your first snowboarding trip, make the most of it by following these simple tips.
  • Running for Weight Loss More and more Americans are picking up running for weight loss, and for good reason. It’s cheap, simple and convenient, and best of all, we know it actually works. So if you’re tired of hacking it at the local gym, go back to basics and go running instead.
  • Essential Paintball Equipment Paintball is one of the more equipment-heavy sports in existence—you can’t have a game without having them all. That’s why it’s important to invest in good quality paintball gear. Here are some of the things you need to get started in paintball, and tips on shopping for the best.
  • Cool weather riding tips Sweating it out in the summer may be your thing, but that doesn’t mean you should stop when it gets cold. Winter can be an excellent season for cycling, as long as you take the right precautions. Here are some tips to keep you riding through the cool months.
  • Top 10 reasons to inline skate Tired of your usual running routine? Try inline skating instead. You may think it’s more of a children’s sport, but it’s actually one of the best forms of exercise for any age group. Read on to find out why inline skating should be part of your fitness plan.
  • Getting Ready for Your Ski Trip Planning a ski trip isn’t like planning a picnic. For one thing, it’s probably more expensive, and there are a lot more things to pack (and most likely forget). But all it takes is a bit of organization to plan the perfect ski trip. Get started with this simple guide.
  • Buying the best treadmill for your money Buying your first treadmill can be difficult if you don’t do your research. It’s important to know what makes a good motor, what size you need, and which features are really worth your money. Here are some things to consider if you want the best treadmill for your budget.
  • The Basic Rules of Paintball Paintball may look fun and colorful, but it’s a serious sport with serious rules. To stay in the game—and get out of it in one piece—it’s important to know the basics. Here’s a quick guide to help you out.
  • How to select the right bike for you Choosing a bike can be confusing for first-time buyers. How do you know how many gears there are, or what type of tires you need? Fortunately, bikes these days have become simpler and easier to understand. Here’s a quick guide to help you choose the best bike for your needs.
  • Choosing a beginner tennis racquet Buying your first tennis racquet? Don’t be confused by the number of types and brands on the shelves. Here’s a quick buying guide to help you understand the jargon and choose the best tennis racquet for you.
  • Diet and nutrition tips for runners If you think running alone will help you reach your weight loss goals, you may be in for a surprise. Although it’s certainly effective, running works best when combined with a balanced diet. Here are some things to include in your diet to get the most out of your running.
  • Bike your way to a better body More and more Americans are taking up biking as a new way to get in shape. Not only is it healthy and effective, it’s also cheap, and easy to learn. If you’re thinking of joining the pack, now’s the perfect time. Here are some tips to help you get started.
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